Analysis of DC/DC boost converters design methods



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The research conducted in this paper is focused on DC/DC boost switch mode power sources, also called DC/DC converters. SMPS are common issues in systems due to their ability to create high EMI levels and prevent a system from meeting EMC standards. EMI of a SMPS can be reduced in the designing stages of the converter. After the initial design of the SMPS, input filters can be applied to further reduce EMI in the system and allow the converter to be EMC compliant. The research conducted in this thesis will analyzes SMPS with switching frequencies of 200kHz, 800kHz, 1.4MHz, and 2MHz with duty cycles of 80% and 92%. The set of SMPS under test are then designed and analyzed to determine the effect of variables such as, switching frequency, duty cycle, and load resistance has on EMI levels of SMPS. This new method for designing SMPS begins by designing the set of SMPS on a discrete level to allow initial analysis of how converters are effected by the variable in question. This initial method is then modified to determine a finite set of component values that are appropriate across the set of SMPS under test. After analyzing the results of the modified method, a set of input filters are applied to each SMPS under study to determine which filter will result in a passing level of EMI for each SMPS.



Boost converter, Conductive EMI, Common mode, Differential mode, Duty cycle, High frequency, Input filter, LISN, EMC, EMI, Passive, Switching frequency