Lubbock Symphony Hall Lubbock, Texas


Thesis: A Symphony Hall should represent in architectural form a translation of music to architecture, serving to prepare for the experience of music. The proposed symphony hall shall symbolize a translation of music to architecture by expressing the elements of color and form in architecture where materiality in instrumentation and sound occur in music. The building shall consist of, "man, music, and space." These elements shall be treated equally in their relationships, with music as the focal point, in order to prepare for the experience of music. Facility Type: A Symphony Hall for the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra. Scope: The facility shall provide a principle use for orchestral concerts with an approximately 2,500-seat concert hall. This concert hall includes spaces such as a foyer-lobby combination, pre-concert area, and general backstage spaces. Also, parking, garden, and plaza areas will be incorporated to create a functional whole with the adjacent Civic Center. Context: The proposed concert hall will be located in Lubbock, Texas on a site north of the Civic Center. The location is a flat site adjacent to 4th street and Ave. 0 with 6th street running between the proposed site and the Civic Center.



Architecture, Music-halls -- Design., Music and architecture., Lubbock (Tex.)