Connecting the learning environment to the outdoors: Elementary school



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Theory Statement Architecture can provide stimulating experiences that challenge the mind. This may be accomplished by creating interesting indoor and outdoor spaces throughout the facility. These stimulating spaces allow the building to not only be a place where teaching occurs, but to become a place of learning. Scope of Project The facility will serve as an elementary school for grades kindergarten through sixth. The facility will be a Montessori School to allow the children to learn at their own pace in small classroom settings. The school will house approximately four hundred and twenty students. The school's desiqn will be innovative and witl be used as a tool forlearning. The spaces will be dynamic and flexible to help aid the teachers with their lesson plans. Context Statement North Overton, located near downtown Lubbock, is in the process of major re-development This area will soon consist of a high-density mixed-use area and a low-density residential area. The site is the current location of Ramirez Elementary, located in the heart of the low density area. The site consists of a large park with green grass and plenty of trees. There are play areas consisting of swings, slides, monkey bars, and basketball courts. The new school design should serve as an important landmark for the area of North Overton.



Elementary school buildings -- Design., Montessori method of education., Lubbock (Tex.)