The value of a playa lake ecosystem service



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Ecosystem services are benefits people derive from resources in ecosystems. The High Plains (Ogallala) aquifer, which is a large but shallow groundwater aquifer occupies 174,000 square miles and part of eight states of the great plain. The Ogallala aquifer, playa lakes and human compose a general ecosystem in this region. Playa lakes in this region provide many ecosystem services for humans. People withdraw groundwater from Ogallala aquifer, and playa lakes recharge the aquifer. This major service provided by playa lakes makes them important and valuable for society in this region. This study aims to provide information about the characteristics of playa lakes for Ogallala aquifer recharge. Then use economic and econometric models to determine how playa lakes affect the water level of the Ogallala aquifer, and estimate the economic value of the playa lake ecosystem services in recharging the Ogallala aquifer in specific areas.



Evaluation, Playa lake, Ecosystem, Ecosystem service, Ogallala Aquifer recharge