Urban retreat: A natural healing center for the stressed



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In order to heal mentally, physically, and emotionally, the space one penetrates must contribute greatly to whether or not recovery will be successful, fast or slow paced. Although architecture alone cannot heal the sick, many believe that it can a id in t e ,__ __ healing process. Architecture may assist in healing through, among other things, the use of space, color, light, and natural materials. This thesis will investigate architecture's effects on illness and healing through the application of a Natural Healing Center and Retreat. There are physical factors among the built and natural environment that contribute to wellness. This thesis will incorporate these automatically but go beyond to see if there are other factors that may stimulate healing on a psychological basis. In fact, is this phenomenon of architecture, that of making the invisible visible? Is healing dependant on satisfaction? The Natural Healing Center and Retreat will look at these components, as the primary function of the facility is to promote health and wellness among people · metropolitan setting.