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The Civic Center is of a historical origin although it was not known by that name. Peoples of ancient history had their administrative centers, cultural centers, and religious centers. These centers w~re a good gauge to the degree of advancement in which they the nation engrossed. A modern city, with growing pains, has a vital interest in such a civic center. with adequate planning a center can contain its administrative duties in one area of the city and at the same time keep up with the er~1ing pains and expansion of the city at the same time. The cultural aspect of the center should be enjoyed by the natives of the city and located in a place where everyday business might take them by it. Thus, the housewife, the secretary, the business man, and even the children would be exposed to this culture. A hub-city such as Lubbock should not only be a finance center be a cultural center as well. Business supplies the finance, but it is the people that supply the culture.



Civic centers