Sacred space by regeneration: The design/build of a chapel


thesis statement It is possible to create sacred space through the application of vernacular architecture and light by treating adaptive reuse as an allegory to the biblical concept of regeneration. facility type project scope A design for the chapel will begin the inoj'^ct which will culminate in its construction Atypical for the requirements of the degree program, this project will also reqine tho management of people, resources, time and money. A worship and retreat chapel for Indiana estates, an outlying subdivision of lubbock, texas, will be the vehicle of this investigation The facility will foster multiple forms of worship for individuals/small groups of people and serve as a retreat for residents of the neightx)rhood/lubbock. context Four miles south of the lubbock city limits on Indiana avenue, Indiana estates is a growing development of modest homes situated on one, h^'0, and three acre lots. Surrounded by west texas cotton fields, it is a destination in itself, being an island of residences. Reminiscent of the spaces of the south plains region, structures are far apart and spatial density is minimum. In addition to the main house, most parcels contain at least one or two smaller buildings which service the property in the form of garages, sheds, greenhouses, barns , shops, etceteras.



Architecture, The Lighthouse Chapel (Lubbock, Tex.), Chapels -- Design and construction