Structural health monitoring system utilizing software defined radar sensors to create a wireless smart sensor network.



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Structural Health Monitoring demands a multi sensor network that is not only cost effective and power controlled but also fists a small form factor. The system also needs to accurately detect low-frequency vibrations in civil infrastructure such as the Golden Gate Bridge. Existing systems are too expensive to transition to wireless space, costly to implement, or inaccurate. This thesis presents the use of a transponder to boost the return signal and prevent signal degradation over longer distances. The sensor can then be combined in a network by using an integrated ZigBee to form a sensor network similar to smart meters. A low cost processor will be integrated with the sensor to demodulate the signal accurately to measure cm, mm or smaller displacement of the structure. Experiments show that a multi radar sensor network can be used to monitor Structural Health.



Structural health monitoring, Wireless sensor, Transponder, Dynamic monitoring, Radar sensor