Criminal Law: Cases and Materials (3rd Edition)




Loewy, Arnold H.

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This book differs from many other casebooks in two significant ways. First, the cases are included and edited with an eye towards the number of class hours available to teach the course. The chapters are constructed so that the content can be covered in similar blocks of time. For example, one class session covers infancy, intoxication, duress, necessity, and entrapment and two class sessions are devoted to coverage of insanity. The book can be substantially completed in a three-hour course and easily completed in a four-hour course. The other feature of this book is that it is designed to focus students' attention on the problem at hand as illustrated by the case they are studying. Before each case, the student is told why the case has been included and what they should be considering when reading the case. The notes and questions that follow each case are designed to focus the students' attention on some of the more difficult issues raised by the case.



Criminal law, Actus Reus, Mens Rea, Defense, casebook