The size distributions of all Indian cities



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We apply five distributions–lognormal, double-Pareto lognormal, lognormal-upper tail Pareto, Pareto tails-lognormal, and Pareto tails-lognormal with differentiability restrictions–to estimate the size distribution of all Indian cities. Since India contains numerous small cities, it is important to explicitly model the lower-tail behavior for studying the distribution of all Indian cities. Our results rigorously confirm, using both graphical and formal statistical tests, that among these five distributions, Pareto tails-lognormal is a better suited parametrization of the Indian city size data, verifying that the Indian city size distribution exhibits a strong reverse Pareto in the lower tail, lognormal in the mid-range body, and Pareto in the upper tail.


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Indian city size distribution, Lognormal body, Lower-tail reverse Pareto, Transitions points, Upper-tail Pareto


Luckstead, J., Devadoss, S., & Danforth, D.. 2017. The size distributions of all Indian cities. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 474.