Diabetes meal management



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Texas Tech University


The purpose of this study was to develop a diabetic meal management instructional videotape to enhance and improve comprehension of the diabetic exchange system by food personnel. Subjects were assigned to three groups according to occupational and educational level. Sample size for the groups was 30, each having a treatment and control subgroup. Group 1 was composed primarily of registered or consulting dietitians. Group 2 was composed of food service supervisors, and Group 3 was primarily dietary managers and head cooks. Knowledge was measured by a pre- and post-test instrument after viewing the 16-minute videotape. A significant interaction was found between video and group, with group 3 having a mean increase of 12 points post-video treatment. This group had the lowest level of education and pre-test scores, and thus was aided the greatest by viewing the video program. A voluntary game for subjects was used to evaluate Calorie and exchange estimations for two meals, varying in Calorie level. Subjects generally underestimated Calorie and number of exchanges prior to viewing the videocassette program and raised their scores slightly after the video treatment. This videotape will be a useful tool for improving the serving of diabetic diets by food service personnel as well as for enhancing dietary compliance of newly diagnosed diabetic individuals.



Diet therapy -- Audio-visual aids, Non-insulin-dependent diabetes -- Diet therapy, Diabetes -- Patients -- Home care, Patient compliance