Steve Houghton: Percussion Artist, Pedagogue, and leader



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Steve Houghton is an internationally renowned jazz drummer and percussionist, author, and educator. It is the aim of this research study to “shine a spotlight” on Houghton’s career through three distinctive time periods documenting his work as a percussion artist, pedagogue, and leader. This study further provides a brief biographical glimpse into Houghton’s musical upbringing that ultimately has led to a long and successful career. As a jazz drumset artist, Houghton attributes more than one hundred recordings to his credit. Through an examination of Houghton’s collaborations with musical artists, this study exhibits how diverse and immersed in various styles he is as a jazz drummer. It also provides an examination of some of his work as an author and pedagogue, highlighting six of his published method books. The research study details information about his teaching ideas, philosophy, and methodology. Furthermore, this study discusses Houghton’s influence as a leader in companies and organizations such as the Percussive Arts Society, International Association of Jazz Educators, and Avedis Zildjian Company/Vic Firth Company.



Steve Houghton