Enhancing teacher capacity of African American and economically disadvantaged students by giving support through coaching and professional development



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The present study investigates targeted intervention programs that build teacher’s instructional capacity of African American students by coaching teachers to meet the needs of African American students. By looking at teacher dynamics of student engagement, teachers can increase teaching and learning for African American students. Through culturally responsive teaching, teachers are more in tune to their students and their culture. How will targeted intervention impact or affect teachers' ability to build their instructional capacity to meet the needs of African American students? To what extent will teachers' involvement in the targeted intervention program impact the level of African American student engagement in classroom learning? According to Villegas (2002), culturally responsive teachers (a) are socioculturally conscious, (b) have affirming views of students from diverse backgrounds, (c) see themselves as responsible for and capable of bringing about change to make schools more equitable, (d) understand how learners construct knowledge and are capable of promoting knowledge construction, (e) know about the lives of their students, and (f) design instruction that builds on what their students already know while stretching them beyond the familiar.



Culturally Responsive Teaching, Professional Development, Student Engagement, Student Engagement, Coaching