An artist's community


The rejuvenation of an existing historical context starts with the rejuvenation of the smallest scale of built form - the single building. All that the deteriorating fabric needs is a single stitch to start the weaving of a new community. The building must look toward the future while reflecting on the past. History is important to any building, neighborhood, or city and on up the scale, but the success depends on the present perceptions of the context. In so many cases in America, the continuing deterioration of downtown's and Main Streets has finally led to a consciousness of the importance of history. Forces have combined to redeem history through the revitalization of buildings with a substantial variety of architectural merit. The revitalization may take the form of many diverse responses while achieving similar goals. Revitalization of the old Citizens National Bank building will communicate abstract reflections of the past and enlighten the present perceptions through contemporary materials and technology. Located in downtown Lubbock on the comer of Broadway and Texas Avenue, the project will be sensitive to its surroundings by using the element of scale, texture, color and materials of the context in a new way.The facility is a mixed use development including artist housing for approximately 20 residents, a gallery to house works of art created by residents,and a cafe.

Architecture, Multipurpose buildings -- Design, Historic buildings -- Remodeling for other use, Artist's studios -- Design, Lubbock (Tex.)