Program for a modern art museum, Panama City, Panama


Theory Statement Architecture can act as a vehicle to integrate and harmonize the cultural identity of a region with the new opportunities of the global information society. Theory Basis The intention of this theory is to integrate and overlay with the values, beliefs, and thoughts of a distinctive society into a new global information culture. This information society embodies not only the integration of marketing and economical systems, but also global environmental concerns, worldwide human affairs, and global distribution of knowledge at all levels of society. Individuals participate together to share common ideas and technologies to create a society that aims to respond to its environment culturally, psychologically, and ecologically rather than to dominate it. This new direction aims towards an architecture that accepts, and understands our regional thoughts, roots, and global changes; which will help to create a more livable society. Furthermore, it searches for the use of new technologies and the application of the vernacular knowledge of the region, creating with this a new route for architectural design. Context and Facility The project takes place in the urban context of Panama City, Panama. The project intends to integrate the new Modem Art Museum with the urban context in order to create a cultural landmark for the city. The goal of this project is to develop a design that is sensitive to the uniqueness and integrity of the region. But, at the same time, it relates to the greater information processes that are occurring today. The design aims to preserve the regional characteristics of the site, to interpret the regional architectural styles, as well as to be symbolic of the culture of the region. The future museum is located halfway along the Bay of Panama. It will be the link between the Colonial part of the city to the southwest, and the Modern part of the city to the northeast. The objective of the facility is to provide a place in which modern art can be expressed. This art does not fall under a dominant school or artistic current, but under a mix of possibilities, both regional and global. The New Modem Art Museum for Panama City primarily focuses on the display of visual work. Other forms of art will also be included, such as music and theatrical performances, as supporting elements to the visual media. The museum will exhibit contemporary art from local and international artists. Furthermore, the facility will promote the use of innovative techniques and mediums for the exploration of new forms of visual arts.



Art museum architecture -- Designs and plans, Art museums -- Design and construction