Antionette Harris's MM Conducting Recital 1


All Things Shall Perish by Feirabend Who Has Seen the Wind by Mark Patterson Drunken Sailor by Emily Crocker All the World Was Made for Me by Laura Farnell The Song that Nature Sings by Ruth Elaine Schram Cantate Hodie by Mary Lynn Lightfoot Domine Fili a 3 by Giovanni Batista Martini A Call for Peace by Jerry Estes Why Does the Willow Weep? by Ruth Elaine Schram Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel? by Greg Gilpin Al Shlo Sha D’varim by Allan Naplan Lovely Day arr. by Robert T. Gipbson

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Feirabend, Mark Patterson, Emily Crocker, Laura Farnell, Ruth Elaine Schram, Mary Lynn Lightfoot, Giovanni Batista Martini, Jerry Estes, Ruth Elaine Schram, Greg Gilpin, Allan Naplan, Robert T. Gipbson