Pediatric oncology hospital of the Rebecca Sealy Annex, Galveston, Texas


Thesis Statement Two of the most important decisions concerning architects in health care design, are the use of color and scale. These two criteria are essential because of the nature of the facility. This is a place where children, who are dealing with cancer, will come to get well. The patient and their family will be scared and probably feel that they are alone in their battle against cancer. The first thing that the patient needs to see when approaching the facility is a welcoming and inviting building. This can be achieved through careful implementation of color and scale. Therefore, color and scale is used to create an environment which is welcoming and nurturing. Context The site is located on the University of Texas Medical Branch campus in Galveston, Texas. UTMB was founded in 1884 and now encompasses four schools, two institutes, seven hospitals and more than 700 full-time faculty members. UTMB has established a reputation of exemplary standards throughout the United States. Galveston, which is only 45 minutes away from Houston, gains many commuters to and from Houston. Physical attributes: The surrounding area of the site is rather flat and lies on the eastern portion of the campus. The site is bounded by Market St. to the North, Post Office St. to the South, and 5Th. St. to the East. 6Th. St. to the West Facility Type A Pediatric Oncology Hospital at UTMB campus Galveston, Texas. The facility will serve as a pediatric oncology facility within a dense medical campus hospital with 60 beds and support services.



Architecture, Hospital architecture.