Destruction of forensic evidence caused by blue-on-blue shootings



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The destruction of forensic evidence can greatly hinder the progress of criminal investigations, and potentially even the outcomes. The current work explored the negative impact of Blue-on-Blue shootings in relation to the destruction of forensic evidence. Underlying racial implications surrounding the influences of officers in these mistaken-identity shootings were examined. The historical transition of racial attitudes within law enforcement was explored using intergroup contact theory. In addition, this work investigated what factors may contribute to implicit racial attitudes and the social stereotype expectations law enforcement officers may possess. Racial discrimination by the police has become an increasingly controversial issue in recent years, yet little is known about the extent of police racial bias and its influence over officers’ decisions to shoot suspects of color. This study descriptively analyzed recent national data gathered through the Bureau of Justice Statistics (2001) report. This comparison suggests there may be an alarmingly higher rate of black violent arrests and black felons killed in justifiable homicide by police than rates of white felons. Although higher rates of black arrests and black felons killed in justifiable homicide are present, further studies need to be conducted in order to determine if a need to further examine the presence of racial bias within law enforcement is valid.



Forensic science, Blue-on-blue shootings, Racial biases