Farm profitability and financial viability in the Texas High Plains: The impact of biotechnology and plant stress



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Texas Tech University


Plant stress is a problem which affects all crop producers. Plant stress physically damages the structure of crop plants affecting their ability to adequateiy deveiop. Plant stress leads to a reduction in crop yields, which results in a loss of potential income and increased rislc position for crop producers. Therefore, plant stress has a direct affect on the producer's profitability and financial viability.

The general objective of this study was to evaluate the economic impact of plant stress on crops grown in the Texas High Plains Region (THPR) and the impact of biotechnology advances relating to plant stress reduction on the profitability and financial viability of farms in the THPR. The study area was divided into four distinct sub-regions: Transition Area; Southern High Plains; Northern High Plains; and Northern Low Plains.



Agriculture, Agricultural biotechnology