The creation of place through adaptive reuse


By taking an eKisting, under-utilized building or structure; one can create a sense of place unique to that building by responding to the cultural and natural conteKts and through the adaptlue reuse of that building or structure. The creation of place in architecture is a widely discussed topic on which many theories have arisen. These include theories by Roger Trancik, Kevin Lynch, and Kenneth Frampton and range from ideas on Critical Regionalism to the personal experiences of the observer. These theories, mentioned later, will form the foundation for the creation of place in this project. The intent of this project is to take an underutilized. existing warehouse {left) in the downtown area of Austin, and convert it into a branch campus for the Austin Community College network. This campus will center around the classroom and will include all ancillary facilities associated with such a facility. The campus will incorporate all of its functions and facilities into a single, low rise edifice of approximately 100,000 square feet.



Buildings -- Remodeling for other use, College facilities -- Design