Monte Carlo analysis of field-dependent electron avalanche coefficients in nitrogen at atmospheric pressure


Calculations of electron impact ionization of nitrogen gas at atmospheric pressure are presented based on the kinetic Monte Carlo technique. The emphasis is on energy partitioning between primary and secondary electrons, and three different energy sharing schemes have been evaluated. The ionization behavior is based on Wannier’s classical treatment. Our Monte Carlo results for the field-dependent drift velocities match the available experimental data. More interestingly, the fielddependent first Townsend coefficient predicted by the Monte Carlo calculations is shown to be in close agreement with reported data for E/N values ranging as high as 4000 Td, only when a random assignment of excess energies between the primary and secondary particles is used.


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Electron Impact Ionization, Ionization Processes, Natural Disasters, Gemstones, Monte Carlo Methods, Chemical Elements, Surface Collisions, Semiconductors, Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics, Gas Discharges


H. Nguyen, J. Mankowski, J. C. Dickens, A. A. Neuber, and R. P. Joshi, "Monte Carlo Analysis of Field-Dependent Electron Avalanche Coefficients in Nitrogen at Atmospheric Pressure," Physics of Plasmas 24, 124501 (2017).