Analysis of high pressure effects on wellbore integrity using the distinct element method



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It is a proven fact that the analysis of the formation, casing and cement is of utmost importance in the maintenance of wellbore integrity. This has been done so far utilizing the continuity numerical methods such as finite element method together with experimental methods. In using finite element method to analyze wellbore integrity taking into consideration the formation, cement and casing, the discontinuity of their interaction is lost and as such fractures and other mechanisms such as debonding cannot be modeled. The main objective of this research is to utilize the distinct element method in analyzing wellbore instability so as to avoid or greatly minimize failure in wellbores. In this paper, the cement- formation bond and cement-casing bond is thoroughly discussed as well as their effect and contribution to well integrity. The ITASCA Particle flow code software is used. It is validated and then used to analyze a horizontal well using parameters from the Barnett Shale.



Petroleum engineering, Oil well casing, Oil well cementing