Architecture influences human behavior: To enhance student social development in a living environment El Paso, Texas



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Architecture influences human behavior to enhance student learning and personal development in a living environment. To meet the demands of increasingly large and diverse student populations, many institutions have created highly specialized programs and units, which, over time, have t)ecome fragmented and compartmentalized (Schroeder 1994, xv). In response to these and other challenges, many universities and colleges must try to reaffirm their primary mission of promoting student learning and personal development. As part of this effort institutions should recognize that a significant amount of learning takes place beyond the classroom. Residence halls are an ideal setting for promoting student learning and development. The facilities' site will be on the campus of the University of Texas at El Paso. The facility placed on the site will be a student residence hall. The residence hall will house 250 students attending the university. The facility will enhance a student's learning and personal development.



El Paso (Tex.)