Intermodal transportation: Phoenix high speed rail station and transit oriented development



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Thesis Statement The architecture of ta^nsporiation facilities articulated ttirough ttie stmchjre of the patti, ttie physical fomns that contain tiie patti, and the creation of implied and fixed nodes along the patti, all which marit ttie location and destination of ttie user, enhances the experience of ttie user by alloying efficient navigation ttirough ttie facility. Context The proposed site is located In the Warehouse District of Downtown Phoenix. The boundaries of ttie site include: the Union Pacific Rail Line to ttie north, 3"> Avenue to the east, Lincoln Sb^eet to Uie south, and 7* Avenue to ttie west. The site is vacant with the exception of a warehouse building which will be relocated. The sunounding context includes: the historic Phoenix Union Rail Station; ttie !'>' Avenue overpass; and new construction In ttie form of residential lofts, a high rise office tower, a jail, and a pari<lng garage. Facility The Intennodai Rail Station will accommodate five types of bansportation systems including; high speed rail, light rail, commuter bus, personal vehicle, and pedesbian pattis. It wW have a concourse Incorporating retail and restaurants; high speed rail, light rail, and commuter bus terminals; facility support; TOD; and partying. The Intennodai Rail Station will utilize ttie T>' Avenue overpass and to ttie Phoenix Union Rail Station and will visually connect to ttie surrounding context.



Architecture, Railroad stations -- Design., Local transit., Phoenix (Ariz.)