The effect of heteronormative socialization on beliefs, attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors



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This research examines the effects of heteronormative socialization on the formation of beliefs and attitudes as well as perceptions of homosexuality and behaviors toward non-heterosexual people. Understanding these relationships is important because the physical and mental health of non-heterosexual people are impacted by attitudes and behaviors by others. Despite increasing academic attention to non-heterosexual populations, there are still a number of questions to be answered regarding these relationships. This work contributes to the literature and addresses these questions by examining the association between three primary socialization agents (religion, family, and peers) and beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions about homosexuality and behavior toward homosexuals. Furthermore, this research seeks to show the significant paths and their relative strength between variables. Data have been collected using a survey questionnaire (N=650) at a large university in the southwest United States. The discussion of findings includes the impact of socialization on beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions of homosexuality and the likelihood and level of comfort interacting with LGBTQIA+ family members, friends, and acquaintances.



Sociology, Socialization, Heteronormative