Visualization of tornado track prediction with a GIS-based computer software



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Texas Tech University


Weather phenomena have always affected human civilization. In particular, the destruction that a tornado can cause, no matter the strength and size of it, can wreak havoc on a population, while causing massive destruction. This thesis emphasizes technology, specifically a GIS-based computer software known as the Catastrophic Assessment Tool Set (CATS), to visualize a tornado's projected path.

This thesis focuses on using several case studies as the foundation for the visualization of a tornado's projected path. The case studies of interest for this thesis are the March of 2000 Forth Worth, Texas, tornado event, the October of 2001 Cordell, Oklahoma, tornado event, the October of 2002 Corpus Christi, Texas, tornado event, and the May of 2003 Moore, Oklahoma, tornado event. Several of the case studies worked well in a prediction sense, given the earliness or lateness of the relevant meteorological variables. Furthermore, other case studies did not perform well in a prediction sense due to the post or prior relevant meteorological variables. However, this is a step closer to understanding what key meteorological variables play a major role in the projection of a tornado.



Weather forecasting -- United States, Tornadoes -- United States -- Maps, Tornadoes -- United States -- Forecasting, Geographic information systems -- United States