Hesitation of initial articulations


ABSTRACT: This document examines the hesitation of articulations in horn playing. The goals of this study are to: delve deeper into the hesitation phenomenon, understand its commonality, contribute to the generalized knowledge of the phenomenon, increase awareness, collect data as part of a survey attached to the project, and provide a few possible solutions for hornists who suffer from hesitations. Chapter one is an introduction that will provide an overview of the project. It will also include justifications and limitations for the study, and a review of related literature to the hesitation. Chapter two will include what the hesitation is with a description of the problem, what causes the hesitation to occur, who could possibly be at risk for the hesitation to develop into his or her playing, and some possible solutions to help aid in the process of liberation from the unwanted hesitation problem. Chapter three consists of a survey that was distributed to past and present horn professors, applied horn teachers, and professional hornists. It covers the procedures of how the survey was taken, its design, and includes all of the results from each survey question. Chapter four is a conclusion to the document and briefly lists a few implications for future research.



French horn, Horn, Music, Brass, Instrument, Instruments, Hesitation, Hesitating, Hesitate, Delay, Articulation, Articulate, Glottis, Pressure, Farkas, Derek Akers, Valsalva, Valsalva maneuver, Survey, Breathing, Breathe, Breath