A museum of Mexican culture in El Paso, Texas


hesis 1:/ ::::~::::::::::::::::::::.::::::::·: ::~t ~ museum of Mexican culture should 'xpress the rich and colorful character of the leople. Therefore, the design of simple .Iustered forms and organization will be most .mdamental. Further, through other Jrchitectural devices such as patios, courts lnd other elements will be used to personify .uch qualities. Also to further enhance the Jrms and its surrounding," color, and light will Ie used carefully to articulate and create a ;ense of spirituality. Therefore, the use of light lnd color will give value to the materials, :olors, textures, walls, and windows to the nuseum. The facility type best suited for this discourse is a small museum. IFacility Scope: introduction I::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;:;:;:::::::::::;:::::;:;:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;:::::;:::;:;:;:::: 83he inherent nature of the Mexican vernacular is rich in color, light, flavor, texture, and movement. This produces the complexity in the Mexican personality that is due to the Spanish conquest, which destroyed their earlier civilization, and then legitimized the conquest through religious conversions and intermarriages. What resulted was a blend of the two, a mestizo culture that we call Mexican. The creation of a Mexican museum will be an instrument of instruction to the public of the people of EI Paso, Texas and C. Juarez, Mexico. Its function will be to mediate its purpose of instruction by the use of color, light, the use of walls, patios and courts. As an end to these objectives, a dialogue of inspiration, pride and reflection will result.



Architecture, Museum architecture -- Designs and plans.