Balasore, ex Dalbek, ex Red Jacket, ex Monongahela




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Ship Name:Balasore; Sailed: 1892-1943; Type: Steel 4-masted bark; Built by: Glasgow, Scotland by Barclay, Curle; Dimensions: 311' x 43.6' x 24.5'; Tonnage: 2782 tons.


Balasore was the result of the order of the Liverpool firm of Eyre, Evans & Co., who sailed Balasore for ten years. The photograph illustrates a big, bald-headed bark with bridge deck and rounded poop. Purchased by Knohr and Burchard of Germany in 1912, the Germans renamed Balasore Dalbek and continued to sail the big bark from Europe to the west coast. Caught in Portland, Oregon at the commencement of hostilities in 1914, Dalbek waited out the war until 1917 when the United States entered. Seizing Dalbek, the U.S. Shipping Board named it Red Jacket (the USSB had the romantic notion that naming these seized vessels after famous American clipper ships of an earlier era would be interesting). Red Jacket made one voyage to China and back. Meanwhile, policy changed in Washington, and the seized ships were to be named after Indian tribes. Red Jacket became Monongahela in 1918, and the ship never sailed again. Monongahela anchored in Lake Union, Seattle and there remained under the ownership of Charles Nelson of San Francisco. Sold again in 1936, the Monongahela became a barge until lost in 1943.


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