The Writing Process without Proxy: The Case of Academic Writing among International Graduate Students



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This exploratory multiple case study seeks to explore the phenomenon of second language (L2) writing among international graduate students. The research design uses video screen capture software as the central source of data, as a method of direct examination of the L2 writing process. The theoretical framework for the proposed study is based on the theories of cognitive models of L2 writing, social dimensions of L2 writing, and New Literacies theory. In particular, this research examines the use of digital tools by international graduate students as they engage in the socioacademically-informed process of L2 writing with the use and attribution of sources, in a controlled setting. In addition to video screen capture data, initial interviews, stimulated recall and document analysis is also used as part of a multi-faceted model for triangulation of data. It is increasingly evident that a closer examination of the specific practices of L2 writers during the composition process can provide greater insight into the specific needs of international graduate students in the L2 writing process. Such insight has the potential to inform Intensive English Programs (IEPs) and other English for Academic Purposes (EAP) programs, and also graduate programs with significant numbers of international student enrollment. Criteria for enrollment of international graduate students into such programs can also be reevaluated based on such knowledge.

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International graduate students, Digitally-mediated L2 writing, Multiple case study, Video screen capture recording, L2 academic writing