Techniques to analyze the terahertz data for the detection of explosives



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Improving the landmine detection capability is a challenging technological issue. Most of the existing technologies are still using metal detectors and probes. There are many plastic explosives which cannot be detected using these methodologies. So there is requirement for new detection technologies that utilize characteristics other than the metal contents. Properties of the electromagnetic spectrum, acoustics of mine casings, advanced prodders, other chemical and biological technologies are in the research phase. There is also lot of ongoing research on sensor fusion techniques which utilizes the advantages of more than one detection technique. These fusion techniques will be more promising than using individual detection technique. This thesis attempted to utilize the unique properties of electromagnetic spectrum for landmine detection. The terahertz gap of electromagnetic spectrum which has not been utilized properly until recently has got certain advantages which can prove worthy when used for explosive detection. Most of the explosive has got unique spectral peaks in the terahertz frequency. Advanced algorithms independent component analysis and component spatial and spectral pattern analysis are implemented and improved to use for explosive detection. Further an improved method which utilizes both algorithms is obtained. The results obtained are promising and the approach has the capability to detect the explosives hidden under some background.



Explosive detection, Terahertz spectrum