A music recording studio, Lubbock, Texas


Theory Statement: Using light and color in the design of spaces and paths, architecture can be used to stimulate and enhance creativity. Theory Paragraph: Creativity is the ability to make something original, to imagine things that do not exist, and to come up with new ideas. Creativity is the ability to look at everyday items and events in new ways. Creativity can make common things more special and special things more common.' The ability to be creative is available to everyone, however this ability must encouraged and stimulated. The immediate surroundings m which one works creatively is greatly influential on what is being produced. In order to be creative one must be able to control the various activities that surround us everyday. Architecture can be used to control these activities, therefore stimulating and enhancing creativity. Using light, color, and principles shared with the many creative arts, spaces and paths can be designed with a sense of activity and movement giving the user an opportunity to explore and develop new ideas. Context and Facility Paragraph: Modem music is very different that in the past. Musicians have taken new approaches to many aspects of the music industry. The recording of new music is no exception. Many musicians are now entering the studio with very little m the form of actual music. The recording studio has increasingly become more of a means of developing and expressing new ideas. The recording studio will include three large studios with the flexibility to accommodate the many different styles of music inherent in the Lubbock music scene. Each studio will be able to accommodate large bands but allow smaller groups to feel comfortable as well. The studio located in downtown Lubbock, Texas will be able to separate the musicians from the urban context but allow interaction at different levels with the surrounding city.



Architecture, Sound studios -- Design and construction.