Colorado supply company store number 31, Tercio, Colorado: a historical perspective



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Texas Tech University


Historic buildings stand as visual reminders of the past. They are the containers of history and memories, and to preserve them is to preserve history.

The Colorado Supply Company Store at Tercio, Colorado is the only remaining structure of a once vital coal mining community. Its physical presence is largely unchanged from the day it first opened, but it has accumulated a century of heritage.

The purpose of this paper is to bring to light the factors that led to the building of the Company Store at Tercio, to study its physical properties, and to bring the memory of the place to life in the mind of the reader in a way that is honest and respectful of the coal miners and their families. This paper will show that this is a structure that is historically significant and worthy of preservation.

The Colorado Supply Company Store at Tercio is a bold reminder of the past, and needs to be preserved for the future.



Colorado Fuel and Iron Company -- History, Historic buildings -- Conservation and restoration -- Colorado -- Las Animas County, Company towns -- Colorado -- Las Animas County -- History