Distributed system for transient RF detection



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The current method for measuring the strength of a magnetic field on a target involves either the use of extremely expensive pieces of equipment or the use of probes attached to an oscilloscope. These methods work but they both have significant drawbacks. The problem with using expensive precision equipment comes from the cost involved and the danger of damaging these devise with unexpectedly strong field. The problem with using inexpensive probes connected to an oscilloscope stem from the fact that the excessively long cables needed to adequately separate the oscilloscope from the experiment introduce excessive noise and significant cabling issues. In order to improve on what is currently available a new system needed to be developed. This new system was developed to be inexpensive and scalable and capable of measuring the relative power intensities of an electromagnetic field. The operational range of this system was designed to be from few Megahertz up to 10 Gigahertz. This system used distributed data acquisition and processing to efficiently acquire and transmit data via fiber optic cable to a central computer running software to further process the data and store the data. This system provided significant improvements to what is currently available and new uses for this system are currently being developed.



Distributed system, Radio frequency