Developing an instrument to identify factors in nonprofit proposal development: Knowledge management in learning, relationships, and resources.



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This study incorporated interview (n = 18) and survey data to conduct a large scale study (n = 580) of professional nonprofit proposal writers across the U.S. The purpose of this study was to identify factors involved in the proposal development process in the context of grant or donation acquisition. Fundraising and knowledge management literature revealed that one’s learning processes, professional relationships, and technological and personnel resources are important aspects of proposal development, although the extent is unknown. I identified 8 factors involved in the proposal writing process and found that knowledge management practices are highly individual to fundraisers rather than to the organizations which employ them. Individualized practices may be in part due to the self-training and education that is necessary for “lone writer” positions. Technical communication teachers might consider incorporating research methods (such as interviewing), personnel management, and project management strategies into their pedagogy to improve writers’ acclimation processes.



Knowledge management, Grant writing, Proposal writing, Nonprofit, Factor analysis, Technical communication