This man receives sinners, a cantata on Luke 15



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This Man Receives Sinners, a cantata for mixed voices and chamber ensemble, is a setting of the full text of the 15th Chapter of the Gospel of Luke. This text contains three parables of Jesus that concern the lost and the found. The parables are told in response to the complaint of the Pharisees and scribes in Luke 15:2 that Jesus welcomed sinners and ate with them. The three parables are those of a shepherd with a lost sheep, a woman with a lost coin, and a man with two sons. This composition is through composed and consists of five major sections with no formal breaks between them. Three sections setting the three parables of Jesus in Luke 15 follow the introductory section. The work concludes with a short section reprising material from the four sections prior. While grounded in extended tertian musical language, the melodic and harmonic language of the work spans modal, tonal, and atonal domains. Formally, it contains vocal solos in arioso style, choruses voiced by full and partial choirs, as well as passages of purely instrumental music. The choice and placement of these musical elements within the piece are determined by the structure of the source text. Indeed, it is the source text that drives every aspect of the work: melody, harmony, and form.



Music, Composition (Music), Choral, Sacred