Ecologically responsive design: Marine biology research facility


THESIS STATEMENT: In order to preserve the earth's natural ecosystems while establishing a connection between the build context and its environment, the principles of sustainability must be applied towards creating ecologically responsive design. FACILITY TYPE: The principles of ecological sustainability will be developed through the design of a marine biology laboratory which focuses upon the research and educational awareness of the marine environment and its inhabitants. The facility wall include laboratory areas for specialized ecological study, reference areas to provide relevant resource materials, educational facilities to provoke curiosity and enhance scientific awareness, and display sections to house studied species. SCOPE OF PROJECT: Flexibility is an inherent quality found within all natural ecosystems to allow for adaptive growth patterns and to respond to environmental changes. It is also required in the overall scheme of a successflil laboratory design. In addition, the marine laboratory will create a link between the forces of nature which sustain the marine environment and our own ecological place. CONTEXT STATEMENT: The facility will be located in the semi-arid Coastal Bend Region of Texas. The shallow coastal bays and estuaries of this area provide an abundant supply of natural resources to aid in the research of marine biology



Architecture, Marine laboratories -- Design.