Emotional responses to color and nonverbal language: A survey of emotional responses to color swatches and human poses



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Texas Tech University


My hypothesis is that I will find patterns in responses to the survey that will show a correlation between emotions and specific colors and human body gestures. The specific question that 1 ask is: "Does a correlation exist between color and emotional responses and is there a correlation between human poses and emotional responses?" The null hypothesis is that no connection exists. Data from the survey will either demonstrate my hypothesis or show no connection within the confines of the material analyzed. Frequency Distributation Tables and Bar Graphs will provide a suitable vehicle to analyze the nominal data to see the relationship of the independent variables (i.e., color and pose) by respondents. Chi-square formulations will calculate exact tallies and discover the probabiltiy of occurrence for the null hypothesis. Distribution Tables will organize exact taUies from which percentages will be generated analyzing each color and pose. These percentages will provide the data for the final table that correlates specific emotional response to a color and to a pose.



Color, Nonverbal communication, Body language