An examination of westernization in Taiwanese advertising



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A content analysis was conducted in order to determine the level of westernization in Taiwanese advertisements. It was hypothesized that there will be more Eastern advertising appeals used in ads, and the use of Western external symbols will have increased over time. In addition, the relation between the level of product involvement and the utilization of advertising appeals was also examined. In each 1982 and 1992,439 print advertisements were gathered from two Taiwanese magazines. The results of the study indicated that Western appeals were generally used more than Eastern appeals, hard-sell appeals were used more than softsell appeals for both high- and low-involvement products, and there was an increasing tendency for the use of Western models and languages in Taiwanese advertisements. It was concluded that Taiwanese advertisements were not Easternized, but moving toward being more Westernized.



Advertising -- Taiwan, Advertising, Magazine -- Taiwan, East and West -- Case studies