Therapeutic Landscapes for Academics Suffering from Stress and Burnout in Arid Regions



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Therapeutic Landscapes are an emerging landscape designed with evidence based research to assist with the healing and wellbeing of the user. Therapeutic landscapes get their history from healing gardens which have been in use for centuries, across multiple cultures. In recent years, research has been expanding in the field of evidence based design in healthcare for architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture. With research and design, healing environments have become more successful in encouraging wellness and healing. This thesis looks at the research and theories to design a successful therapeutic landscape for stressed and burned out academics, and further, on a campus in an arid landscape. Very few landscapes have been designed for stress and burnout syndrome sufferers, as well as, therapeutic landscapes in arid climates.



Landscape, Landscape design, Landscape architecture, Health, Healing, Evidence based design, Stress, Burnout, Burn out syndrome, Depression, Ulrich, Kaplan and Kaplan, Biophillic design, Sensory design, Texas Tech, Campus design, College design, Design project, Therapeutic landscape, Native plants