Communicating a hyphenated Nigerian-American identity: Performative and autoethnographic negotiations of colonization, resistance, and becoming




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In this work of autoethnography and performative writing, I examine subjects of identity as it relates to negotiations, colonization, and resistance. By analyzing lived experiences in a reflexive manner, I began a sensemaking process of how identity is formed based on how my identities are avowed, ascribed, or interpellated. Subsequently, negotiating the link in various identities and my way of codeswitching to better perform who I am. Also, understanding that identity is not simply singular and as such can be performed not only through avowal, ascription, or other ways of interpellation; but also, through texts such as the Nigerian national anthem, and popular resistance texts which signifies my relationship to my identity. And in broader performative ways through artifacts such as music, dress, and language. With this, there is a realization that there is a polyvocality in identity. The inclusion of other ways of integrating perspectives that raise voices of change as identity is further developed is an assertion of communication that is investigated for offering different tools toward resisting and delinking away from repressive institutions.

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Autoethnography, Performative