Examining the transformational and distributive leadership styles of secondary principals: A mixed methods study



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Secondary school principals face numerous challenges in public education. Twenty first century leadership involves navigating state and federal accountability mandates, which has created a paradigm shift within the educational system. Secondary principals and educators alike are also faced with embracing the changing student demographics that will continue to grow throughout the 21st Century. Hodgskinson (2000) projects that by the year 2025 the Hispanic and Asian population will represent 61% of the United States total population. The purpose of this study is to examine secondary principals and educators that serve as transformational and distributive leaders; further examining those that value, foster, and develop school communities to meet the educational needs of students and teachers. The study includes the administration of The Leadership Behavior Inventory Questionnaire to secondary teachers, assistant principals and principals. Purposefully selected participants contributed to the collection of qualitative data. This study utilizes an explanatory sequential mixed method design to chart transformative leadership in secondary schools.



Education, secondary, School principals, Educational leadership