Hollywood & Vine Metro Station : questioning the visual image of the metropolis


Thesis The thesis is eimed et ceusing people to question. People need to question their urben environment end perticulerly its visuel imege. Much of the city is ugly end confusing end I em esking myself why. By representing e reconstructed visuel imege of the metropolis, I em posing my question to everyone. Context Los Angeles Metropoliten Aree end in feet Los Angeles County lies within whet meny Angelenos refer to es L.A.. When using the term L.A. I em referring to en eree encompessing ebout 100 communities thet stretches from Melibu to the west. Sen Fernendo to the north. Riverside to the eest end Sen Juen Cepistreno to the south. The site for my thesis is ectuelly in the Los Angeles Metropoliten Aree, in en eree known es Hollywood. More specificelly, it Is in the Hollywood Bouleverd Commerciel end Enterteinment Historic District, in the eree of the Hollywood end Vine intersection. The eree detes from the 1920' end 30^, Hollywood's golden ere, e time when Hollywood echieved the stetus of the film cepitel of the world. As the world's film cepitel, Hollywood lived by the imege it produced. It produced visuel Imeges to convey idees renging from fentesy to documentery. It portreyed who we ere, where we ceme from end where we ere going, not unlike erchitecture in some respects. Hollywood even produced e built environment thet sought to fulfill, through the visuel imege, our imege of this fentesy world celled "Hollywood". With this in mind, Hollywood seems to be the perfect locetion for e thesis thet seeks to use visuel imege of the city to ceuse people to question. Facility When choosing e fecility type, one wes needed thet could possibly ceuse people to question. In this cese, I choose e metro stetion for the L.A. Red Line, beceuse Angelenos must begin to question their use of the cer. The cer hes given Angelenos freedom end identity, but it hes ceused problems like smog, conjestion end humen violence. By erecting e metro stetion thet provides Angelenos with e positive, enjoyeble experience, some mey begin to question their use of the cer end use the Metro when possible. This would result in en improvement of the overell environment of the metropolis, including its visuel imege. The Los Angeles County Trensportetion Commission (LACTC) hes produced e prototype for their heevy reil trensit stetions. The prototype need not define my solution for e metro stetion, but it is e good Jumping off point. The prototype consist of e two level, center pletform stetion, housed in e box meesuring epproximetely 880' long by 60' wide by 70' deep end is loceted under the street with entry portels on either side et convenient locetlons. The Red Line stetion et Hollywood end Vine cen be seen es e interfece node for verious forms of trensportetion. At the northeest portel, e new city bus terminel is plenned end et the southwest portel, en euto drop off is plenned end both portels must eccommodete pedestrien treffic. The size of the stetion, not including perking, temporery pocket treck end future stetion expension is epproximetely 66,600 sq. ft.



Architecture, Railroad stations -- Design., Los Angeles (Calif.)