Change process variables in the use of computer-assissted instruction in medical technology training programs: A needs analysis



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Texas Tech University


The needs analysis research was conducted on four-year medical technology (bachelor's degree) and two-year medical laboratory technician (associate degree) training programs, directors and faculty. The purpose of the study was to determine the present extent of implementation of computer assisted instruction in medical technology/clinical laboratory science. The factors related to that level of implementation were assessed including change sponsor financial commitment, internal commitment to CAI development or use and personality change resistance potential to computer use. The Gressard and Loyd Computer Attitude Scale was used to assess director and faculty attitudes of liking, confidence, usefulness and anxiety toward computers. There was no documentation in medical technology literature of attitudes towards computers, the extent of use of CAI, what computer platforms, or what CAI and multimedia programs were in use in clinical laboratory education. There was no documentation of the research of directors and faculty regarding the development and use of CAI.



Medical technology, Computer-assisted instruction, Biomedical technicians, Laboratory technicians