Attitudinal determinants of beef consumption in Venezuela: A retrospective survey




De Moreno, Lilia Arenas
Jerez-Timaure, Nancy
Hernández, Jonathan Valerio
Huerta-Leidenz, Nelson (TTU)
Rodas-González, Argenis

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Consumer surveys were conducted in the Western, Central, and Eastern regions of Venezuela to determine buying expectations, motivations, needs, perceptions, and preferences of beef consumers, and their acceptance of domestic (and foreign) beef, as affected by different intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Data (n = 693) were gathered by face-to-face interviews on the way out of fresh markets, butcher stores, supermarkets, and, in some cases, at home by using a 45-question structured questionnaire. Responses were subjected to factorial analysis of correspondence (FA) and hierarchical cluster analysis. From the FA, the first two factors explain 74% of the common variance. Factor 1 comprises intrinsic attributes such as color, smell, tenderness, flavor, juiciness, and freshness; while Factor 2 contains extrinsic attributes, mostly related to the origin. The FA profiling data showed that it is possible to concentrate on the traits that consumers usually use as a criterion to perceive beef quality, and to purchase beef. Using cluster analysis, four groups of consumers were mainly distinguished by region, intrinsic attributes, and credence attributes related to production system, aging, traceability, and hygiene. Results from this study will be helpful in designing strategies for recovering and enhancing the future, domestic beef demand.


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Beef, Eating quality, Flavor, Meat buying criteria, Meat purchase decision-making, Tenderness


De, Moreno, L.A., Jerez-Timaure, N., Hernandez, J.V., Huerta-Leidenz, N., & Rodas-Gonzalez, A.. 2020. Attitudinal determinants of beef consumption in Venezuela: A retrospective survey. Foods, 9(2).