On Forecasting Dust Storms on Mars



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48th International Conference on Environmental Systems


Dust storms on Mars are the effect of strong and extended dust lifting by near-surface winds, and the behavior of dust clouds aloft both depends on and impacts the atmospheric circulation. The dust particles can represent a problem for surface mechanical and electrical systems as well as for the health and ground operation of future astronauts on the Red Planet.

The spatial and temporal distributions of dust aerosol are essential observables for any fundamental or applied study related to the Martian atmosphere, including weather monitoring and forecasting for robotic and future human exploration missions.

In this presentation we provide a review on the current and future capabilities of forecasting Martian dust storms. This includes the use of advanced techniques, such as the data assimilation of satellite observations, as well as the possibility of collecting novel observations, such as dust observations from the vantage point of view of a satellite in areostationary orbit (i.e. the Mars equivalent of a terrestrial geostationary orbit).


Luca Montabone, Space Science Institute
Francois Forget, Laboratoire de Météorologid Dynamique, IPSL, CNRS
ICES510: Planetary and Spacecraft Dust Properties and Mitigation Technologies
The 48th International Conference on Environmental Systems was held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA on 08 July 2018 through 12 July 2018.


Mars, Dust storms, Forecast