History of the inclusion of Orff and Kodály methodologies in Oregon music educator preparation



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The history of the introduction and integration of Orff and Kodály methods of music education into the pre-service and continuing education of Oregon music educators was documented through interviews and correspondence with individuals who played active roles in this process. Pioneers of the American Orff and Kodály movements including Katinka Dániel and Grace Nash were among the interviewees. Additional subjects were university professors, teachers in Orff and Kodály certification programs, members of the Oregon Music Educators Association Board of Control, representatives of the music industry, members of the Portland Orff Schulwerk Association, Lane Orff Schulwerk Association, and the Southern Washington and Oregon Kodály Educators. Information gathered through the interview process was triangulated through consultation with issues of the Oregon Music Educator, the professional journal published by the Oregon Music Educators Association and by comparing data presented by multiple interviewees. Confirmation of data was also accomplished through consultation with national and international music educators’ journals and dissertations on related subjects.

The Orff and Kodály methods were each considered separately. After presentation of biographical information on the founder and a short history of each method’s development, the Oregon specific data were presented. The history of each method in the state of Oregon was traced from its introduction (Orff in 1956 and Kodály in 1964) through 2005. The contributions of conference workshops, Orff and Kodály certification programs, college methods courses, professional organizations, university summer courses, and workshops sponsored by the music industry were examined.

Twenty-seven individuals were interviewed for this research. Transcripts of fourteen recorded interviews are included in the appendices. An additional thirty-six individuals contributed information via correspondence and informal interviews.

The oral history record of past events has preserved eyewitness accounts of historically significant events in the history of music education in the state of Oregon.



Elementary, Oral history, Daniel, Katinka, Nash, Grace