Probing dynamical symmetry breaking using quantum-entangled photons


We present an input/output analysis of photon-correlation experiments whereby a quantum mechanically entangled bi-photon state interacts with a material sample placed in one arm of a Hong-Ou-Mandel apparatus. We show that the output signal contains detailed information about subsequent entanglement with the microscopic quantum states in the sample. In particular, we apply the method to an ensemble of emitters interacting with a common photon mode within the open-system Dicke model. Our results indicate considerable dynamical information concerning spontaneous symmetry breaking can be revealed with such an experimental system.


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Bose condensate, entangled photons, symmetry breaking


Li, H., Piryatinski, A., Jerke, J., Kandada, A.R.S., Silva, C., & Bittner, E.R.. 2018. Probing dynamical symmetry breaking using quantum-entangled photons. Quantum Science and Technology, 3(1).