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"The age-old dream of man has been for leisure--a chance to let down, to do something he has always wanted to do."l Man has reached that Age, thanks to the Machine. But to make use of this leisure has been the fine test of civilization. Man has refused to find the interesting, worthwhile pasttime. "He gets off the merry-go-round Saturday night precisely where he got on Monday morning. He has not read a book, not painted a picture, not enjoyed a stimulating play or even has not visited a sick friend. He has just existed. Where do men sleep while still awake? The answer is before the radio and the television, reading cheap literature, viewing gladiatorial sport contests, and at the movies. These are t~e principal "mental flophousesu, but not the only ones." . This is a very serious problem~ However, there is no need to justify recreation, that is to say that a man :at worthless leisure just as well -be at work, than at home. Recreation is a natural function of man, only he must be directed toward a better use of his leisure; to let grow his cultural interests, to spend more of his time making some sort of contribution to society rather than becoming just a blob of humanity.



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