A cross-cultural comparison of magazine advertising



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The Eastern and Western Worlds are believed to differ in many aspects. Among such differences, many would seem to be based on the differences in the fundamental cultural values of the two different worlds. Mueller (1987) content-analyzed appeals in magazine ads from Japan and United States. She attempted to find the reflections of different cultural values in advertising. The current study was a partial replication of Mueller's study. However, the ......... ____ _ Eastern society investigated was Taiwan, rather than Japan. The answer to whether the cultural values of a society are reflected and expressed in advertising in that society is positive. However, as a result of increasing intercultural communication, the distinction between East and West was not as apparent as expected. The results of the study showed that the culture reflected in sample advertisements was no longer a "pure" Western or Eastern culture. Modern Taiwanese values as reflected in these advertisements seem to be a set of beliefs and attitudes that combine traditional Eastern values and modern Western values together. It could also be said that the U.S. or the Western world may be somewhat Easternized.



Advertising -- Cross-cultural studies, Advertising -- United States, Advertising -- Taiwan